This game went Viral in 12 hours (1 MILLION VIEWS)

I posted the announcement for my game Brazilian Street Food Simulator on Twitter with its Trailer publicly for the 1st time 19/08/2022, went to bed, woke up with it going viral – 300K impressions. Check the tweet here.

Then, a day later, OVER THAN ONE MILLION impressions – all organically! Not only that, Alanzoka, a Brazilian streamer with 6 million followers, talked about the game only 2 hours after the trailer announcement. Check part 1 and part 2 of his coverage.

On the News and Media Coverage

The game then has also been picked by big Brazilian gaming portals.


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Valeu! Preciso atualizar a lista de matérias, já sai em praticamente todos os grandes sites BR. Lista atualizada no rodapé daqui:


Wow !