When is the update to Godot 4 coming? (Plus: the update will be paid)

I'd like to address about the update to Godot 4. This course was recorded with and for Godot 3.5+, and the course landing page used to promise a free update to Godot 4 (NOTICE: if you bought the course until 06/August/2023 you are still going to get the update to Godot 4 for free. If you bought it after 06/August/2023, then the update to Godot 4 will be offered to you with a discount of 50% or more).

So when is that update coming? The thing is, when Godot 4 stable was out, it was not really stable. And now there are currently 3 branches of updates:

  • Godot 4.0
  • Godot 4.1
  • Godot 4.2

Each with their own sets of issues, incompatibilities and breaking changes. And considering that recording the course for Godot 4 will be almost as like starting from scratch:

  1. Port the codebase (the inventory system) to Godot 4 (or 4.1? or 4.2? or 4.3? or 5.x?)
  2. Write a new course script to accommodate for all the changes
  3. Record
  4. Edit

Basically, it's a gigantic task (as I said, it's basically creating a new course from scratch), I really need to be careful as to which Godot 4 version I pick, to avoid a possible new version of the course being outdated or deprecated due to a new "Godot-4.x-stable" coming out as soon as the course is published.

For that reason, I am still postponing the course update to Godot 4. But I either do it already or it will still probably take a long a time. So I need your help...

What is your opinion?

  • Which version should I choose?
  • Should I just pick up one of the 4.* branches and go with it or should I wait for a "more stable than stable" release, i.e. a Godot 4 LTS version (Long Term Support)?

Update to Godot 4 will no longer free for new students

I'm updating the course page and for new buyers from now on (starting today from 06/August/2023), the update will be paid (it will be sold as a separate course, and if you already bought the current version of the course from 06/August/2023, you are going to be able to buy the 4.0 version with a big discount).

If you bought this course until and before 06/August/2023, the update to 4.0 will still be free, so you are safe - a promise is a promise and it will be kept :)


Fixed dates which said "June". I actually meant "August".

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I think you should wait a little as LTS emerge. Someone with programing knowledge can figure out how to convert your course to newer versions this way or another. Someone who don't (me included) maybe should not use cutting edge releases ;). Thank you for the course!



I understand the hesitation, it's a difficult one, but thanks for asking our oppinion.

I bought this course for the 4.0 update and tbh I don't see a LTS version coming soon. So if I were in your shoes, I would probably aim for the next stable release that I know I could get this update done and communicate it. So either 4.1 or 4.2.

And obviously, I hope it will come out sooner than later :) 

Thanks for answering!

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This is a difficult one. I purchased the course because I've begun my journey of learning Godot and hoped the course would soon be updated to Godot 4. In the meantime I hoped to glean something from the course as it currently is.

Naturally, I would like to see it updated, but I also understand it's a monumental task. Whether you update it now or update it later, it seems the workload will likely be the same. It also seems to me it would be better to update it now while Godot 4 is new and then make incremental updates as Godot is updated. The incremental updates will likely be required whether you update now or whether you wait, though I guess you are hoping there will be an LTS release soon.

Obviously, I'm biased but I would like to see it updated soon, so I can learn from it sooner than later.

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Thanks for answering, Matt! Yes, I'm hoping for a LTS.

Updating the codebase with incremental updates would be fine, the problem is the course itself (record and edit videos). A single video can take a whole week - imagine a full course, and then a week later a breaking change of Godot 4.whatever breaks 3 videos.

That's why I'm being careful, I also the course version for v4 to be long-lasting, just like the current version of the course is already definite for 3.5 and won't be deprecated.

I posted this via the course newsletter too, so I already have a few answers and opinions I got by email, I'll wait a week, and soon I'll have a decision that will be based on the average of the answers :)