A virtual museum about Autism

An exploration of some of the ingredients and traits of the ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorder, from the point of view of an Adult Autistic - my point of view of my own autism.

Collect items that represent autistic traits. They all come together in the final room.

A game about Autism (Asperger).

Running the Game

  • Works perfectly under Windows and Linux.
  • Download binaries if you are using other browsers. If you are having trouble with the mouse or sound, download the playable binaries instead of playing on the browser!
  • Beware: this is NOT A MOBILE GAME.


  • W, A, S, D: Walk
  • Hold Shift: Run
  • Alt+Enter: Toggle Full-Screen
  • E: Action
  • F: Continue Dialog

Production Notes

Made in 72 hours, from scratch, by myself, alone, for Ludum Dare 48.

  • ALL the art from scratch in Blender.
  • I tried to achieve a Noir low poly style.
  • Photos from Pexels (all Royalty free, no credit needed), then adjusted and prepared for textures of the 3D models.
  • Sounds from freesound, additional sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com. Main music from https://www.zapsplat.com.
  • Game developed in Godot Engine, also from scratch.
  • Calling autistic traits "ingredients" and the spectrum as "soup" was an inspiration from the artist Cypopps.
  • To make things even better, April is Autism Acceptance Month, so this game matches this month perfectly.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

ldjam48-the-spectrum-soup-x64.exe 53 MB
ldjam48-the-spectrum-soup-x32.exe 53 MB
ldjam48-the-spectrum-soup-linux.x86_64 54 MB
ldjam48-the-spectrum-soup-linux.x86 53 MB

Development log


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Whoa this is amazing.

I'm the mom of an autistic son, he's level 1, but so many of these are spot on for him <3 

And then my husband we suspect is autistic as well (just some of his mannerisms, as well as not being able to see social cues among other things)

I loved this game so very much <3


as someone who is autistic after playing this I noticed it does not touch on one of the few upsides of being autistic is that they usually are pretty talented in some way or another

this game is just... right... all of it describes so much things that i feel it is a truly marvelous experience to have played this.


i dont know if im autistic or not: but the comfort object one hit hard aswell as a couple others. ironically my comfort object changes a lot, but there is always something i have to have (usually a stuffed animal) to regulate or i end up losing my marbles having a panic attack. even brought one to a wedding. love this <3

Thank you. I also have multiple comfort objects, even at the age of 35.

(1 edit) (+1)

webgl not available?

im using chromebook


Hmm it's working. I just tested in Chrome and Firefox. Unfortunately, I don't know about Chromebook itself.


cool but what about like an fps games with simpler mechanics and you shoot people


whats easier than walking around and picking stuff up


Ah 'tism, here we go again,

(5 edits) (+1)

Thanks for playing and for the video! The wording was made on purpose to sometimes be taken literally, sometimes subjectively, but I enjoyed your take on the game!

I just want to say that most autistic people, prefer "I'm autistic", instead of "with autism/have autism" - commenting on this because in the end, you mentioned something about this specific wording.


Superb game! I played this on Chrome and had no problems, but even when I recollect all the ingredients and finally make the soup, there are still 4 red doors that remain locked. Why?


Thank you! The 4 doors are an analogy for the unopened/unique parts of your mind.

Deleted 171 days ago

Thank you! Good to hear that :)


As an autistic ... this is so well made. I'll definetly consider this as an interactive tool to help those around me understand me a bit better. Can't wait to show other neurodivergent folk this nice little experience.

Now, for the nitty-gritty:

Game ran very smoothly, without complication. The graphics are simple and not overwhelming, yet portray what they should. The 'soup' concept is a good metaphor for the varying compositions of each Autistic's perception and life. 

Very well done :D


Thanks a lot for the detailed review and nice feedback! I'm happy to hear, that as an autistic, you also identify with what is shown in the game.


I have Autism, so I'm wondering what this will  be like.


I'm the creator of the game and I'm autistic as well, that's why I created the game. I hope you will identify with something in the game :) Let me know what do you think.

its not working and im on chrome :/

(1 edit)

Thanks for reporting. Hmm I tested in Chrome both in Linux and Windows and it works. What's your system?

I know that in Firefox it's guaranteed to work.

Or could you instead try to download one of the binaries then? :)

i cant download it because when i try to it dosent show up

Do you use Windows, Linux or Mac?

I use mac sometimes

but the main thing is that it freezes when it starts to load at the start


This is amazing, always loved the concept of digital museums/interactive educative applications and you nailed it. Great work!

Thank you!