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i dont know if im autistic or not: but the comfort object one hit hard aswell as a couple others. ironically my comfort object changes a lot, but there is always something i have to have (usually a stuffed animal) to regulate or i end up losing my marbles having a panic attack. even brought one to a wedding. love this <3

Thank you. I also have multiple comfort objects, even at the age of 35.

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webgl not available?

im using chromebook


Hmm it's working. I just tested in Chrome and Firefox. Unfortunately, I don't know about Chromebook itself.


cool but what about like an fps games with simpler mechanics and you shoot people


Ah 'tism, here we go again,

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Thanks for playing and for the video! The wording was made on purpose to sometimes be taken literally, sometimes subjectively, but I enjoyed your take on the game!

I just want to say that most autistic people, prefer "I'm autistic", instead of "with autism/have autism" - commenting on this because in the end, you mentioned something about this specific wording.


Superb game! I played this on Chrome and had no problems, but even when I recollect all the ingredients and finally make the soup, there are still 4 red doors that remain locked. Why?


Thank you! The 4 doors are an analogy for the unopened/unique parts of your mind.


I'm autistic and I never saw anything that is able to express what it is so well in such a small amount of time

Thank you! Good to hear that :)


As an autistic ... this is so well made. I'll definetly consider this as an interactive tool to help those around me understand me a bit better. Can't wait to show other neurodivergent folk this nice little experience.

Now, for the nitty-gritty:

Game ran very smoothly, without complication. The graphics are simple and not overwhelming, yet portray what they should. The 'soup' concept is a good metaphor for the varying compositions of each Autistic's perception and life. 

Very well done :D


Thanks a lot for the detailed review and nice feedback! I'm happy to hear, that as an autistic, you also identify with what is shown in the game.


I have Autism, so I'm wondering what this will  be like.


I'm the creator of the game and I'm autistic as well, that's why I created the game. I hope you will identify with something in the game :) Let me know what do you think.

its not working and im on chrome :/

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Thanks for reporting. Hmm I tested in Chrome both in Linux and Windows and it works. What's your system?

I know that in Firefox it's guaranteed to work.

Or could you instead try to download one of the binaries then? :)

i cant download it because when i try to it dosent show up

Do you use Windows, Linux or Mac?

I use mac sometimes

but the main thing is that it freezes when it starts to load at the start


This is amazing, always loved the concept of digital museums/interactive educative applications and you nailed it. Great work!

Thank you!