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Our land...
Devastated and bleak...

And then for progress...
Devastate somewhere else?

We can't even protect our own.

We are too many. Numerours... Uncontrollable...

The Planet is Crying.

A short, dark interactive story, where the Kaiju Kaoamaru will arise (Kaiju, from Japanese "strange beast". From my point of view, "planet protectors").

Visuals inspired by PS1 games and Half-Life.

Production notes:

  • Game made in 72h for Ludum Dare 46, theme: Keep it Alone.
  • I worked alone and made all the graphics, models, sounds, music and code during the Jam.

What went wrong:

  • I planned 6 endings and 3 gameplay mechanics, but the scope was too big.
  • I spent too much time adjusting the intro and outro cameras, and connecting all the dots, this is where the bulk of time was invested, so I couldn't implement the gameplay mechanics, ironically. So call it an interactive movie :)

HTML 5 / Web Version Notes

  • Works only on Chrome and Firefox.
  • If you get audio chopping issues, I recommend the downloadable versions, since audio is a must to get the full experience.


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There wasn't a lot of content, and i only pressed space twice, but I'd love to see more of this graphical style! the whole thing looked rather amazing IMO, can't wait to see what other things you've created.

Thank you!

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Wow love the atmosphere and graphics! The droning music is super atmospheric (running out of words here, your game is immersive is what I'm saying). Kinda reminds me of King's Field meets Sentinel Returns.


Thank you! Awesome that you bring King's Field and Sentinel Returns. I have nice memories from Sentinel Returns.


Now I can't take Sentinel Returns from my mind. Maybe I could work on making an unofficial remake of it.